3 podcasts to listen to in 2017

The new year is here & I am so excited! This year, I have made it my goal to write more content that is a bit more personal & share some of the things that I do on a daily basis! Last year, one of my best friends told me how I needed to start listening to podcasts. I said okay and kept promising that I would for a few weeks..until I finally did! Listening to podcasts are part of my morning ritual, & I can honestly say that I am so so happy that I started listening to them!

Podcasts are great for many reasons! For one, who doesn’t like a little inspiration? Podcasts are a great way to get different perspectives on a wide variety of subjects. Also, podcasts are a great way to learn something about a topic you might not know about. I listen to podcasts when I’m in the car to & from work and they make my commute way more exciting! I’ve rounded up my top 5 podcasts below, all which I highly recommend to anyone wanting a little inspiration or just some more knowledge about life!

Myleik Teele’s Podcast,  Mytaughtyou

This Podcast is one that my best friend (Hayy Jas!) told me to listen to earlier last year &  I am so thankful that she did! Simply said..Myleik is the ultimate girl boss! Creator of the well known subscription box, Curlbox, Myleik gives advice & keeps it real at the same time, all gracefully of course! I can honestly say that this podcast is my favorite & I for sure listen to most of her episodes more than once. She has different types of sessions- sometimes she interviews people, sometimes she goes over her favorite books & others she answers questions/ resolves conflicts that people send to her. No matter what the topic is..this podcast is always fab & always a must!

Dreams in Drive by Rana Campbell

I love this podcast because it features a different entrepreneur on a weekly basis! The people interviewed range in variety- from store owners to vloggers- and each story is so inspirational. One thing I love and appreciate about this podcast is the consistency. On a weekly basis, the format is the same & each interview is very engaging. Another thing I like about this podcast is that the interviews are so insightful! This podcast is good for anyone who wants to learn about different  business women & how they got started.

Dave Ramseys Podcast- Listen here!

..because Finance is BAE! But really- I can say I was not a finance major for a reason & think that God gave everyone their gifts for a reason! I always say stick to what you know & I for sure know nothing about Finance. Listening to this podcast has been both helpful and insightful, as Dave is both funny and informational at the same time!One thing I really love about this podcast is the different topics that he discusses in one podcast alone.  During his podcasts he gives both tips for a better financial life as well as takes calls from people who have questions about personal information. If you’re looking for a little more information about money in general..this is the podcast for you!

So that’s my top 3 ya’ll! I would list more..but I could seriously go on & on. These 3 I feel are the most important to me- I have a mix of life help, some funny topics, & some insightful information from like-minded individuals! I hope you’ll listen to a couple && feel free to leave any feedback or comments on some of your favs as well! P.S- Deets on the outfit worn below can be found here!

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