5 Must haves for fall

I am beyond excited for fall! With Texas being as hot as it is, I am far past ready for summer to finally be over and to begin wearing my favorite part of my closet- all of my layers! I have always liked fall clothing better than summer and have always had my “go to” fall pieces. With so many trends going on this year, I can say that my staples that I’v collected over the years are still some of my most worn items. Below are my 5 “Must-have” items for fall, as well as some great deals on them that I’ve rounded up from some of my favorite stores.

1. A good leather jacket

Back in the 90’s- a leather jacket was only worn by some women. You would’t of seen leather being worn with floral print skirts and peplem tops- they were normally worn with skinny jeans and boots. Currently, leather is probably one of the items I am most excited to shake the dust off of! A good, structured leather jacket can be worn with literally anything, from a great pair of skinnies to a fun shift dress. This year, in addition to great black leather jacket options, many brands have other colors as well! If you already have a leather jacket in your closet- try buying one that’s a new color this year instead! A little pop of fun never hurt anyone. ¬†And if you already have enough leather in your closet to last for this season, a suede jacket is also the “new thing.” P.S- all the jackets below are under $250!


2. “Go to” Denim

During colder weather- nothing screams comfy like your favorite jeans, a oversized sweater & a huge blanket scarf. Although I don’t really wear a lot of denim in the summertime, I live in my favorite jeans in the winter. When picking jeans, it is good to pick ones that not only are good for your body type, but also to pick a good wash that will go with your clothing. If your’re more of a neutral dresser, a darker wash will go with most of your clothing and will look more faded and distressed over time. If you wear more prints and brighter colors, a mid to light wash would work best with your closet. Most of my favorite pairs of denim are from Madewell. Not only does this brand fit amazing, but the washes are great too! I’ve collected some of my favorite styles below:


3. The perfect dark lip

Confession: I didn’t start wearing lip stick until last year (LOL!). I was always so scared that I would pick out the completely wrong color for my skin tone and look crazy or that I would wear it out somewhere and leave the tube at home and look weird when it started coming off. Needless to say, I bit the bullet this year and started wearing lipstick. Even now, I only have like two (again..LOL!), but I rotate these all winter long. My two fav’s are below, as well as some others I am going to “attempt” to try this winter. & why you’re at it..make sure to always have some carmax too!

4. Comfy Booties

A good pair of booties is another item that is a staple in my closet and something that I tend to wear year round. Although I normally wear black in the winter, I do tend to always have a pair of brown booties nearby. Booties are perfect for winter because they are kind of the “in-between” shoe between flats & heels meaning they can easily be dressed up or down. In addition to this, when worn correctly, booties can literally make any outfit look fab! I’ve rounded up so booties perfect for this winter…all under $100!

5. A bad hair day hat

Being that I like to stay in bed as long as I can in the mornings during the winter season, a winter hat is a must for me! During colder months, a great wool wide-rimmed hat will not only make you stand out in the crowd, but will also hide the fact that you spend the time that you were supposed to be doing your hair wrapped up in your comforter. Funny…but seriously! P.S- the hat below is literally $17.00


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