About a year ago- I would’ve told you how much I can’t stand pink. Now- I catch myself wearing blush about once a week. Who would’e known I would be a fan of pink towards the end of the year- I have only liked the color (barely liked at that) on my nails about 2 months out of the year. Other than that, I previously despised anything of the like. Well- I am now a fan! I’m loving blush this year & just can’t get enough of it. I wear it more as a neutral- mixing it with my blacks and beiges for an extra pop. I got this pink bomber jacket & just can’t seem to not want to wear it at least once a week lately!

Bombers were totally a thing last fall and I was totes a fan! I bought some in my favorite colors- from olive to black- and loved how they were so versatile! I paired them with a cute pair of shorts and some booties for a night out with the girls, or layered them with a tee and some denim for a more casual look. Either way, I defiantly combined them with other pieces in my closet. For instance, you can switch up your shoes and completely change the look of your fit! Pair a bomber and denim with some kicks to run errands in, then pair the same look with  some heels (cheetah print for example) for a late night dinner. Basically, bombers are a two-fer item all in one!

As stated earlier this month (or last I think), I’m totally into being more of a minimalist. It’s for sure working, as I have been loving mixing all of my seasonal clothes together to create new looks! Even better, I am shopping way less and giving to others more. A total #WinWin if you ask me- I even purged out my closet for the second time this season. I feel accomplished that all of my clothes for once fit in my closet, ha! What are some life changes you have made this year that you are loving?

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It was the funniest thing ever when I got a text from one of my best gals asking if I had been on facebook that day. I clearly hadn’t when she kept going on & on about the power of social media & how the Gainsvile Police Dept. had been the talk of the day. I was even more confused when I logged on & realized I was tagged (more than once) on the thread of all of the comments on the photos! Well ladies- I found #CopBae & got all the deets on everything him. Read below to learn not only why he became a cop in the first place, but his advice to others as well. & yes- he is single!

Tell me a little about yourself. Where did you grown up, get your degree in etc? What is your current job?

My name Bylynn Hatcher aka Lou, I was born and raised in Alliance, OH. I attended Alliance High School where I played basketball, football & ran track. After I graduated in 2005, I earned a full scholarship for basketball to Grand Rapids Comm College where I red-shirted my first year due to a hand injury during practice. I graduated from Grand Rapids Comm College with my associate degree & later transferred schools in 2008.  I earned a second full scholarship for basketball at Ashland University,  Division 2. I graduated in 2010 with my bachelors in Criminal justice and minor in sociology. After graduating, I continued to play basketball on a semi-pro level (A.B.A.) American Basketball Association, playing for the  Stark Revolution based out of Canton, OH. My first season of play we became “Champions”.  After that season ended, I had the opportunity to play for another semi-pro traveling team based out of Gainesville, FL. Due to the fast approaching season, I had to quickly pack my bags and moved to Gainesville, FL, leaving my family and friends in Ohio and Michigan. After playing another rough season of basketball, I decided I was burned out from basketball and wanted to start a career. I became a cars salesman for a short period of time and soon relocated to a sales rep at Verizon wireless. Verizon was a professional place to work, but I didn’t feel like it was challenging enough. It was then that I decided I wanted to become a police officer.

How did it feel realizing you were a social media celebrity for a few days? How did that happen? Any crazy stories?

I didn’t feel any different, but it did feel good to be noticed/recognized at a time where your doing your best to try and protect and serve your community at it’s worst times (during Hurricane Irma). When I think about it the pics weren’t  suppose to go viral. The pics were posted on facebook by our PIO. After posting the pics, women started commenting like wild fire. A lot of the women kept asking where is the  “Hot Chocolate” (LOL!).  Once Ben posted my pics, women started making even crazier comments! I didn’t realize how much attention the photos were getting, until many people started calling and texting my phone non-stop. When I finally went to the pics and checked out the comments, I couldn’t be live some of the comments I saw. The comments were enjoyable, funny, flattering, tasteful and made me watch my back while walking down the street or conducting a traffic stop  (haha!). I will say -none of them comments took away from the real reason why we were out there during hurricane Irma. all of the first responders throughout Florida had to leave our  families home at a time they needed us most during the hurricane. As a first we know what we sign up for. When it’s time to protect and serve for your community there are no second thoughts, we run towards the trouble while everyone else run away from it.

What made you decide to start your career?

I always thought of being a police, just because of the way my friends, as well as myself, where treated by the police growing up in my hometown of Alliance, OH.  Growing up, my friends and I really had to live and deal with being profiled, harassed and mistreated by the police. Through my youth and some of my adult life, I experienced, observed, witnessed many corrupted policemen. The corruption started to get so bad at the police dept. that the policemen that wanted to make a difference in the community resigned or transferred to another agency because they didn’t want to be a part of the unfairness.

Side Note: By all means, I’m not trying to make it seem like I was a little angel 100% of the time, because I had my troubled moments as a teenager/adult.

I feel that what made me want to become a police officer  was what I experienced through my life-  good, bad, being in trouble, how sports changed the way I look at life. What also influenced my decision was what morals and support I gained from my family, friends, coaches and community. I then applied to the police academy at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL. I went through a four month program, graduated & was hired by Gainesville Police Dept.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

My 8 year old son, mom, dad, all my brothers and sisters and close friends. Wanting to be the best I can be at all times, even when my enemies wish & pray on my downfall. Being healthy, staying physical fit, having a healthy diet, making people smile and making a difference not only in my life, but others life’s as well.

What is your favorite quote & why?

“Everything happens for a reason” and “What goes around comes around” I live by these quotes, because it helps me put myself in other people shoes and try to understand their problems and struggles.

What’s something you would tell your 20-year-old self?

Never regret anything you’ve done in life. Learn from your mistakes- they will make you a better/wiser man in the future. Last but not least, embrace all your enemies hate (!!!!).

What is your end goal with your career? What do you want to accomplish?

To be successful & influence as many people as I can while making a difference at the same time.

What are the 3 most important things you would tell someone starting off in their career?

  1. Never jeopardize your morals for anyone.
  2. Always be confident and believe in yourself.
  3. Know your worth and know yourself as person. 

What is your favorite thing to do regarding your field?

I really like to interact with the people in the community and change some of the negative perceptions that some citizens have about cops.

What is your least favorite?

Paperwork. An arrest or a use of force can last two minutes or less & the paperwork can last hours. Documentation and reports are very important in law enforcement.

What has been the most surprising challenge within your field?

Always trying to stay two steps ahead of the criminals. Many criminals are very creative & continuously think of new ways to try and out smart the law.

I would just like to give a special thanks to all my family and friends and everyone whoever supported me in whatever I did in life. I love you & thank you with all my heart.  It’s not as easy as people think to be a first responder. It takes a strong minded, brave hearted, unselfish, polite, caring person to do this job everyday. I also like to thank everyone who supports first responders and their braveness. – Bylynn Hatcher


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Happy Wednesday! This weeks weekly inspiration comes from 1 Timothy 6:6-

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.”

Around every time this year, I start doing my fall shopping! I always make sure to get a couple new pairs of boots, some new pullovers, and of course a new bag. Most of the time, I would have gone to the mall at least once or twice by now. This year- I haven’t even bought much for fall! Not because I don’t want new fall clothes (trust ya girl- temptation of the shopping bug is hard), but because I can’t bring myself to go buy new stuff when I have so much already. I just recently moved (like in July), and moving really showed me just how much clothes I have. I didn’t realize I had so many shoes! I had so much stuff- most of which I had only worn about once or twice- that I had no problem donating about 3 boxes full of stuff. This was not just Target brand items (although I LOVE me some tar-get), I gave away some MK, Kate Spade & some other of my favorite brands, all without thinking twice. I’m saying all of this not to boast the fact that I gave away things- I’m saying this to say that learning to be content with what you have is such a good feeling!

I told myself that at the beginning of the year- I was going to be more of a minimalist. I was done buying tons of random things all the time and never using them. I told myself I was going to give back more & shop less. I was beginning to feel convicted that I had accumulated so much stuff that was just sitting. Realizing this has been one of the best things ever- learning to be content is such a weight lifted off of your shoulders! You’re not constantly worrying about what you want and don’t have quite yet- but are content with your now. This week- my challenge for you is simple- enjoy your now. Be happy with what you have- focus on what you’ve been blessed with instead of what you’re lacking.

P.S.- deets on the most comfy t-shirt ever here!

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I totally said yesterday how I wasn’t going to to shopping & now here I am, sharing all the deets on my  top 5 fall essentials. I don’t feel too bad about this! They are all pretty fab and #MustHaves for this upcoming fall season! Whenever I shop for fall, I always start with shoes first, so it’s no coincidence that #1 fall item that I have to have this year are a pair of great mules. I normally can’t stand flats- I look young enough so most times I avoid them. These, however, are so chic and can make any jeans & t-shirt day instantly fab! I will swap out my heels for some mules any day (I think- LOL)!

Okay, this one is technically not “one thing”, but a collection of things (sorry, I cheated!). When I saw on some trending report a few months ago that beige was the new trending color- I think I literally screamed! I live for the neutrals,- to shoes to handbags to sweaters, you can never go wrong with beige. My #2 fall item (again, I’m kinda cheating) is ANYTHING BEIGE.  I linked below all of my favorite beige things…

from shoes

to sweaters & everything in between.

Speaking of sweaters, another one of my #musts is a cozy cardi! I love cozy cardi’s not just for winter, but formy planes too! I love a classic grey one- you just can’t go wrong with that! Since we’re talking about travel, I guess I should add my fav duffle to this list too!

I got the duffel above last year on Black Friday from Kate Spade. It was such a good deal & it’s the perfect size. Whether I’m going home to see the fam for the weekend or preparing for a long flight- this bag can hold it all! I also love how its not super thick material, so it doesn’t take up too much space when it’s not in use.

Last but not least- what’s fall without some denim?! I’m all about comfort and when it comes to my jeans I’m no different. I don’t splurge on a lot of items- but I will splurge on a god pair of jeans (or two!). My go-to brands for denim include Madewell, J Brand & Paige denim to  name a few! I love how all these brands don’t stretch out too much and look even better over time!

That rounds up my top essentials this year! Again- my minimalist approach for 2017 is in full effect and this list shows it even more! No longer are the days where I over-accessorize everything- simple is key for me. What are some of your go-to’s this fall season?

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It’s nowhere near cold enough to wear this look in Houston yet- but I can pretend! I love summer and all but am so so ready to switch out my closet and bring out all my fall clothes! I live for the days where it’s okay to walk around in a oversized sweater and leggings and be considered “fashionable”! I can’t wait for winter this year, for more than one reason. One, of course, is the obvious fact that leggings will again be a “thing” (haha!). Besides that, I can’t wait to bring out my favorite over the knee boots from last year. I rounded up some similars- all of which are under $200!

Enough about my boots- can we talk about this top? I’m all about the over-dramatic sleeves right now! They’re the perfect way to add a little extra fab to any outfit. Tops like this are great for so many occasions- from brunch with the girls to a last minute event. I have worn this top to both of these & got so many compliments. Wearing such a statement top is great when you want to look effortless with some denim & call it a day! For some extra fab, pair with some wide-legged pants or a bold printed skirt.

Since it doesn’t really get cold here until way later in the season, I’ve become a pro at mixing my summer & fall wardrobes together! I layer everything, mixing my cropped denim and spring tops with winter favs that I am anxious to wear. For example, it’s obviously not going to (probable ever this season) get cold enough here in the H to wear these over the knee boots, but I can mix them with all of my summer items just fine. I’ve mastered pretending that it’s cold in Houston, even though it is going to be 80+ for a while still.

I am so exited to go fall shopping this year, I’ve been so good at not buying everything I see yet. I am so ready for comfy cardigans, baggy sweaters & everything else! My fall essentials will be on the blog soon, but for now you a shop the look in this photo! The top is on sale (like $12 sale), so be sure to grab it before it’s gone! This one-shoulder trend is one that we can still wear for  while here- so all of them going on sale right now is beyond tempting!

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