Bossin’ but not Bossy (P.S- new series coming soon)

I’ve always admired women that do great things. No, I’m not talking about the millionaires in the world or the women that are the head of fortune 500 companies (although those women are great too!). I’m talking about the women who seem ordinary to some but do extraordinary things. I’m talking about the teachers who spend their weekends grading papers for their students. The small business owners who stay up all night packaging orders for their customers. The caterers who make all the food for their clients not only straight from their hearts, but also straight from their kitchens. Because of women like this,  I’m so excited to reveal yet another series to Styl’d Grace- Boss Babes.

Boss babes will be a monthly series depicting different women from all over that do amazing things in their everyday lives. As long as you are using the talents that God gave you to use, you are extraordinary! Do you know of a boss babe, or are you a boss babe yourself? Send me an email to be featured on Styl’d Grace. You can email me personally at, or you can simply fill out a contact form here. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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