Tuesday Shoesday: Brown wedges & why I’ve never been a shoe person

Neutrals are a huge part of my closet, & these pair of wedges explain exactly why! Not only are they the perfect height, they can be worn with any color, black included, and can be dressed up or down. Every shopper has the things that they like buying most often. Some prefer to buy clothes, some prefer shoes, some even enjoy buying house items. I have never been a “shoe person”. I don’t splurge on shoes often, nor do I buy one pair in all the colors. I’ve always wondered why I don’t enjoy buying shoes as much as some of my best friends &

I’ve never seemed to figure out why. Recently I’ve discovered that I don’t like buying shoes simply due to the fact that when it comes to shoes, I try my hardest to live by the “quality over quantity” rule. I buy shes far & few- but when I do,  I really do! I don’t mind spending on a quality pair, especially if they’re in a neutral color! Basically, I would much rather take the “minimalist” approach when it comes to my footwear (and it has taken me years to figure this out about myself). On another note, these wedges are fab & are actually on sale now. All links are below, happy shopping!



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