Casual Monday with Ivy Park

As if we needed  a reason to love Beyonce even more, IVY Park just keeps getting better and better. I love this line, not only because Queen B created it, but because it’s comfy and whats better than being comfy on a Monday! I have totally accepted the fact that most of my Sundays are spent in leggings and a tee. Besides, what else are Sundays for than for church, resting, and catching up on your favorite shows!

Since I was gone for a few weeks, I for sure had some extra time on my hands- time enough to round up tons of my favs. Most of the items above are on sale and are running out quickly so be sure to take a peek! During my little “blogging break” besides shopping- I also thought of some random things too! Like how I’ve never really made a bucket list & totes need to do so. Also, how I am for sure going to plan a birthday party for my fur baby on his birthday (I’m so serious ya’ll)! All super random things, I know but needless to say- the blog is back in full effect!


Until Next Time!



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