Happy Wednesday! This weeks weekly inspiration comes from Psalm 62:5-

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.”

Ya’ll.. I don’t know why, but it seems like every year around Christmas time I go into two moods- either really sad because I miss my family, or so busy that I don’t knot the day, or the time, or honestly the week. This year, I am for sure in the later. I feel like my days are getting shorter and shorter while my “to-do” list is getting longer and longer. Honestly, I feel like my agenda is not even an agenda anymore but more a list of things that I’m just praying to get done before the end of the year (LOL). All jokes aside, the end of the year is a busy time for anyone & also a good time to remember that we all need rest sometimes!

Psalm 62:5 is a simple reminder of this, telling us that our soul finds rest in Him, as well as hope. For me, I’m resting and hoping that the last few weeks of the year are productive for me (haha!). Even though I know that they will be in the end, it’s easy to get round up in the hectic-ness of the holidays & become a bit overwhelmed. This holiday season, no matter how stressed you are over all that you still need to do, remember to rest. Always know that our hope comes from him , as well as our strength, and we don’t need to always rely on ourselves. Actually, we can’t always rely on our own strength- it’s just simply not possible. Remember that worry, anxiousness, and stress are just down payments on things that might never happen. Hope is a down payment on the promise of things ahead.


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Happy Wednesday! This weeks weekly inspiration comes from Matthew 23:12-

“For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”


I have always loved a play on words! The definition of exalt is to make noble in character, dignity. In this verse, it  means the same things both times, but in two very contrasting ways. In the beginning of the verse, it says those who “exalt themselves will be humbled.” Basically, it is saying (in terms of Beyonce) to always be gracious for what you have been blessed with. Don’t go around bragging boastfully “exalting yourselves”, but be sure to always be thankful for what God has given you, or you will be humbled.

The end of this verse is nothing more than a reminder of God’s love for us. “Those who humbles themselves will be exalted”. Give to others, be kind, love one another, and your reward will be plenty in the end. Don’t look to others as what they can do for you, look to others as what you can do for them. Think of each day as a new opportunity to do good in the world! By doing this, you are being a living example of Gods love for others.

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Although 2017 has flown  by, it hasn’t been such a “breeze” for  many.  With all of the negative reminders that might be lingering around you this holiday season, you might not be feeling very “thankful”.  Natural disasters have occurred more than a few times in the country most of us reading this call home. Family members & friends of yours, both young and old might of passed away. A relationship or friendship that you thought would last a lifetime might of ended. Nevertheless, if you are reading this- I promise you- you have so, SO much to be thankful for. Below are  reasons to prove this to you, if you can’t think of any yourself.

One: You’re alive.

If you are reading this, that right there is a “praise break” in itself. If you are reading this right now, you are alive. You still have blood in your veins, are breathing, & your eyesight is still in tact. If you’re reading this- this should be a simple reminder that God is not done with you yet! You still have amazing things that you have yet to accomplish here on earth. Which leads to my next reason: if you are reading this, then you have a purpose.

“You are the salt of the earth…” – Matthew 5:13

Two: You have a purpose

Everyone has a purpose. Even if you don’t know yours yet (which is totally okay), you still have one. A purpose does not mean you were destined for fame- it simply means that you were created to do something great. “Great” can mean different things to different people. For some “great” means becoming a doctor and curing cancer. For others, “great” to them means  being the best 3rd grade teacher there ever was. Whatever your idea of “great” is, remember that it is yours. We are all here to accomplish different things, no two purposes or dreams are quite exactly the same. If you are reading this, you have a purpose (even if you don’t know it yet)- which is for sure something to look forward to.

Three: Be thankful for the little things

Regardless of how “crappy” your year might of been so far, instead of focusing on all of things that have gone wrong this year- try to focus on all of the things that have gone right! You’ve woken up every morning to see another day, despite how many times you may not of wanted to get out of bed. You’ve had good times- whether you realize (or even want to realize) it or not. When we constantly focus on the bad, we lose sight of the good. We take advantage of the small victories that we are blessed with on a daily basis.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!”- Philippians 4:4

Four: Be thankful for protection

Many times, we see things not working out how we wanted as a hindrance, when really it could just be protection. Have you ever looked back at a situation that ended  a certain way that you might not of wanted at the time, but are sooo thankful for now? I have- for sure! If I would of gotten of the things I wanted a few years ago, I would not be where I am now. This Thanksgiving, be thankful for your now. Be happy for your path- it is uniquely yours and yours alone. We live in a era of comparison- we are always comparing our lives to others, wishing that we had more of something in some sort of way. Don’t compare your life to story to someone else’s highlight reel. Be thankful for your own story- no one else is able to share it the way you can!

“Let them give thanks to the Lord for his for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind,” – Psalms 107:8

Even if your not feeling this holiday season- at least one of these (I hope) you can agree with!


Happy Wednesday- This weeks weekly inspiration comes from Psalm 34:10-

“The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.”

Whew- this week has flown by so quickly. It seems like it was just yesterday it was January & I was getting ready for all the things I expected 2017 to bring. I was so excited about the year starting- I had all of my plans written down in the order I wanted them. My monthly goals were aligned with my weekly goals- all 52 in total! Well, I can say that it is November & I am exhausted! Although I have completed most of my goals (for sure not all of them), I am determined to finish out the year strong. Tired or not, I know that everything will work out for good. We will never lack “any good things”. What’s meant for us is for us & what’s meant to be will always come to pass!

Psalms 34:10 reminds us that no matter how weary we get, God has always got us! It’s easy to look back on the year, being happy about all of the things we have accomplished so far but also about all the  things we still have to do. Looking at our list of things yet to be done with only a few weeks left can be so stressful, I get tired just thinking about it. This verse is my simple reminder that as long as we have God with us, we can accomplish anything! This week my challenge for you is to celebrate not how tired you are, but all of the amazing things you have accomplished so far. God has already done so many good things for you in 2017, and God is not even done with the year it!

Until Next Time!



Happy Wednesday! This weeks weekly inspiration comes from Hebrews 10:36-

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.”

I just love this verse! Whenever I read it I always think of a coach yelling “Keep going, you’re almost there” on the field as one of the players scores. Super weird comparison, kind of, but not really if you think about it. Perseverance is something that is always instilled in athletes. The finish line is always the main goal, not matter how tough or difficult is it to get there. God also always wants us to persevere, heading towards our future that he has planned for us. No matter how hard it might seem now, God has so many great things for us to come!

The action of persevering is also an act of faith! Sometimes (most times), to others it does not make sense to be  positive when everything is going wrong, to continue to smile when others would expect otherwise. It is in hard times that our faith is strengthened, fear is kicked out and wiped away! This week, my challenge for you is to persevere boldly whatever it is you are currently going through. God has a plan that will make your jaw drop (in a good way, ha!) if you just allow his will to be done, putting fear and anything negative aside.

Until Next Time!