Happy Wednesday! This week’s weekly inspiration comes from Psalm 119:114-

“You’re my place of quiet retreat; I wait for Your Word to renew me.”

I love this verse! It’s like a breath of fresh air and words of solitude all in one.Psalm 119:114 is exactly what I needed to remind myself before I spilled the beans:

Due to having such a hectic schedule, I’m sure it’s obvious that I’m taking a little break from the blog this month. Consider this my first (& most likely last) blogging break. 

I have had a lot going on & I honestly needed a break- so that break is this April! I have been really busy lately from work, to my fur baby to everything in between. My day designer (which I live by) is filling up like cray and I have decided to take this time “off”.  At the end of March, when I officially decided to do this- I was semi worried about it. If I’m being like super honesty- I was actually really worried. I kept thinking about all the things that could happen:

  • My stats could go down
  • Some of the ideas I have could be done by someone else before I got to them
  • I would miss out on some campaigns

Needless to say,  I was a little scared ya’ll! I was at first- then I suddenly stopped & thought about why I started Styl’d Grace in the first place. It wasn’t for the stats- never has been & never will be. It wasn’t for the campaigns with brands or the sponsored posts (although those are fab!). It was for one reason alone-

because I love to write & it has always been my creative outlet.

Writing has always been my sense of peace and I will never lose that. I didn’t start my blog for any of the reasons bullet-ed above. I started it simply to have an outlet of positivity & happiness- Sprinkles of Jesus, my favorite brands and my favorite shoes from time to time.  I wanted an outlet that highlighted some of the amazing women that I know (#BossBabes), talk about some of my personal testimonies, & some other randoms (because I’m totes random!).  For that reason alone- this month, I am taking a break because I’m busy & I need to. I’ll be posting some stuff from time to time over on my IG, but my weekly series will be on hold from now until May. Not that anythings wrong (I promise ya’ll, I’m good)- I just need a few weeks to focus on some other things. It’s so good to remember why I started my blog & be able to say that Styl’d Grace is still here for all the right reasons!

P.S- As always, deets on this outfit (including this fab top) can be found here!

Until Next Time!




2017 has already began to be an amazing, but busy year! In the first 2 months of the year I have traveled for work twice, decided to completely purge my closet & adapt new minimalist ways, have not had one day where I have nothing planned- and have been able to check mark all of my monthly goals for the past 2 months. Needless to say, these past few months have been long. I have had lots to do, from work to my personal life, with not much down time in-between. Normally, like being really busy-  I love looking at my day designer throughout the day and realizing that I accomplished all of my to-do list for the week. Although these past two months I have encountered nothing but blessings, I have also had to learn a thing or two about myself.

Learning about yourself is really awkward sometimes- it’s like someone trying to tell you how to tie your shoe. You already know how, so well that you are almost offended if someone tries to tell you. That’s what this month was for me- a lesson to myself about a word that I know the meaning of, but have never fully adhered to. This month, I learned about Patience.

“Whoever is patient has great understanding..”- Proverbs 14:29

I learned about patience in many ways this month- some pleasant, most not. First off, let it be known that I am probably the most inpatient person that I know- I hate waiting for anything. I can’t stand lines, and waiting for my dinner to finish cooking while I’m making it is such a struggle (I eat along the way, ha!). Simply stated, waiting is not my thing. Like at all. This month, in more way than once, I learned to be patient. I learned to trust God in any process, knowing this his outcome is always (ALWAYS) going to better than if I try to accomplish my goal on my own.

Patience is weird- it’s almost like teasing yourself. What’s even more weird about patience is the reward that you are gifting to yourself by having it. By being patient, you are allowing God to work out the kink in any situation that you are trying to rush. You are showing God that you trust the process, whatever that might be. Patience is my new word of the year, & I’m so happy it is.

Patience is a gift you give to yourself. What’s your word of the year?

Until Next Time!

P.S.- Deets about the fit above can be found here



Anxiety is known as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety can be positive or negative, good or bad. It’s definitely  safe to say that everyone at times feel anxious about something- some people more than others. I for one am someone who gets like “excited anxious”. I get really excited about something that it’s almost overwhelming and I literally have to tell myself to calm down. In the bible are TONS of bible verses about anxiety- and ways to deal with it. I’ve collected my 5 favs verses about anxiety here that always help me to take a chill when I know I need to. Enjoy!


“Be still & know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

Simple & sweet, this verse simply tells us to be sure in the fact that at all times, no matter what is going on, God is always in control.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5

Proverbs 3:5 is one of those verses that many people grow up learning- it’s all over pinterest & quoted by many. The saying “lean not on your own understanding” is good to remember because it reminds us that  we aren’t supposed to understand everything & that it’s perfectly normal to be confused about things sometimes.

“Do not be anxious in anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” – Philippians 4:6

The older I get, the more I learn about how important prayer is. Praying about anything and worrying about nothing is a good motto that is hard to live by. BUT- it’s always good to pray first & worry later.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:34 (you should def read Matthew 6:25-34)

This verse is so amazing and relate-able, I definitely recommend reading the entire text! This text talks about all the things you could worry about, then goes to prove how there is no point to worrying about things and that God created life to be anything but worrisome.

“She is clothed in strength & dignity & she laughs without fear of the future.” – Proverbs 31:25

Proverbs 31:25 has always been my favorite (can you tell by the way its tattooed on my wrist?), for so many reasons. I love this verse for not only the simplicity, but also because the verbiage is something that I strive to live by. Laughing without fear of the future has become a life motto of mine and has allowed me to live happily each and every day knowing that my life has already planned.

The verses above always remind me to take a chill when I know I  need to. Write them on sticky notes, or write them in a memo on your phone. Whatever you do, remember that although feeling anxious at times is completely normal, it is also an emotion that should be a reminder that God is always there for you!

Until next time!




Many times in some of my posts, I have mentioned my “Jesus Time.” My friends know all about this too well-they will call or text & I’ll tell them I have to go because I’m having my Jesus time, or I simply won’t respond & call them back later. My time with God has literally become my favorite time of the day but to be honest, it always wasn’t like that. About 6 months ago, I felt like I couldn’t find time throughout the day, even 5 minutes, to spend time with God. Not only did I think I didn’t have enough time, I didn’t even know how to. I thought spending time with God on a daily basis had to be some “fancy moment” that was all thought out & planned and I didn’t know how to do it.  Then one day, God pretty much told me to “chill”, and that’s how my daily Jesus times begin! Ever since, I spend time with God on a daily basis & have a blast doing so. My “Jesus Time” keeps me grounded, focus, & just all around happy.


Why should you spend time with God on the daily?

Imagine having a boyfriend, best friend, any kind of relationship with someone- but you only talked to them when you needed something. Like literally only when you needed something- you never popped in to say hi, or just to show face. That feeling is how God feels when we ignore him. God is like our bestie that is there for us 24/7, any day and time.  Not spending time with God allows for your relationship with him to not grow or get stronger.

“Look to the Lord & his strength; seek his faith always.”- 1 Chronicles 16:11

Got it, so now what do I do?

Spending time with God doesn’t have to be anything fancy, at all! You can do this by doing many things, from reading parts of your bible on a regular basis, to doing a daily devotional, to even simply just sitting there & telling God you’re ready to listen to anything he has to share. Sometimes I will read my bible, sometimes I will write in my prayer journal, sometimes I literally just sit.  I get rid of all distractions- put my phone in  the other room or on silent, turn off my t.v., & just sit in the most comfy place in my house. My just “sitting” times have literally become my fav- it’s in those times that I have heard some of the most amazing answers to some of my greatest questions!

“..be still, & know that I am God.”- Psalm 46:10


Well, what tools do I even use?

I have a couple of devotionals that I use on a regular basis, and I have shared them below. When I don’t use these devotionals, I do the whole “open & read” thing- I open my bible & literally just read whatever is on the page I open to. I have found so many amazing stories & verses this way that have become some of my most memorable verses. Also, I have began a couple of journals that I use too- one I use to take notes in to jot down favorite verses & stuff, and one that I write down prayers in. I write each prayer on a separate page and then I update the pages as amazing things begin to happen! It’s always a blessing to be able to look back in my journal and physically see on paper all my prayers that have been answered in so many ways.

Devotionals I use:

  1. She Reads Truth– SRT is an amazing daily devotional that starts a new plan every month or so. There’s amazing tools that you can buy to go along, such as journals, & other fab things like verses of the week, etc. This devotional is definitely a MUST!
  2. Proverbs 31 Ministries Devotional- I like this one because not only are they easy reads (like perfect for lunch breaks), these ones are also always so uplifting!  These are perfect for anyone who is always on the go.


Start your own “Jesus time” today

I challenge you to do one of these things every day for the next 30 days. It has been stated many times that it takes 30 days for a habit to be truly formed. I can be a witness to this, as I had my daily time with God for 30 minutes each day for 30 days straight & it’s now a part of my daily routine!


P.S.- Deets on my outfit can be found here.

Until next time!



One story in the bible that always reminds me to smile through hard times is the story of Paul in Acts 16:16-40. Long story short (read entire store here):

Paul was sentenced to jail for casting a spirit out of a woman (for doing something he felt he was told to do). Instead of being disheartened in jail, trying to figure out what he had done wrong and how he could change his situation, he began to pray with Silas, who was also thrown in jail with him. At midnight, when they were signing and praying to God, their chains became loose & all the prisoners doors became open. The jailguard, frightened, immediately tried to harm himself, scared for what might happen to him. Paul immediately said to him “Don’t harm yourself! We are all here!” The jailer then fell to his knees, asking what he needed to do in order to be saved. Paul & Silas replied to him & said “Believe in Lord Jesus, and you will be saved- you and your household”. The jailer then brought the two to his house, washed their wounds, fed them a meal, and him and his whole household came to know God.


Lesson to be learned:

If Paul hadn’t of gone to jail, the jailer & his household would of not become saved. If Paul had gone to jail with a frown, sitting in a corner, moping about his situation instead of thanking God for his future outcome, the jailer & his household would of not been saved. Smiling through hardships is something that I’ve learned over time to do. During hard times, I always try to figure out not why, but how. How is this lesson I am learning going to help me, or someone else in the future? What is God trying to teach me? What is there for me to learn? Seeing tough situations as not bad, but necessary happenings, can change how we view things.

“..call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.” -Psalms 50:15

Moral of the story:

Paul was in a scary situation, and prayed his way through it. He went to jail for something that seemed good, and due to him being in that jail, he was able to save another life. Instead of complaining, Paul decided to have a party! A prayer party- at midnight with Silas.Sometimes,most times, when Go puts us through something it is for a greater cause. Maybe you losing that job you loved is to make yourself accessible for a better one, or those friends you’re no longer closer to were holding you back.  What would happen in your life if instead of crying through tough situations, you prayed through them instead? Hard times always mean one thing- there’s a blessing on the other side. There can’t be sunshine without rain, and there can’t be night without day- tough times are times for growth. They are needed in order for you to become who you are meant to be, and are necessary in order to do all the great things God has called you to do. Don’t doubt in the dark what God told you in the light .

Until next time!