Why denim is always a good idea

I have always loved denim. I love denim tops, denim pants, rompers- just about denim anything. I am  a fan of denim for many reasons: the obvious that it’s comfortable, but more importantly, it’s versatile. Throughout 2016, I spent much time getting rid of things I no longer wore, and spent more money on higher quality items. I donated much of my closet to those in need, and kept my staples. In 2017, I plan to continue this plan of being a “1/10th minimalist” as I like to call it (HA!). I have always liked denim tops year-round, and living in the South this will never change.

Denim is one fabric that will always be in style. I have denim shirts that I’ve had for super long from thrift stores, to new lighter ones that I picked up earlier this year when lighter denim came back in style. Nonetheless, denim can be worn many ways during many seasons. For example, you can wear a denim top to work by tucking it in with a fun printed skirt or some flare trousers for a tailored look. For lunch with the girls, or a night out, you can pair denim with more denim & add some heels for am edgy look. Either way, denim always wins!

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