Giving Back with Altar’d State

Christmas is a time of giving! It’s a time of laughter, a time with friends & family & most importantly a time to give back. Speaking of giving back, one of my favorite brands, Altar’d State, has made it easy to spread love this year! Although I have been compensated for writing this post, all opinions are my own.

I first heard about the store Altar’d State about 2 years ago, when I was passing a store window that I completely loved! Everything was beautiful and perfectly merchandised, so of course I had to go in. Upon entering, my love for the store grew even more! Everything I saw was not only fashionable & unique, but inspirational as well! It was during my first visit that I learned more about the company & how they have a passion for giving back. Talk about love at first sight! I have been in love with this brand ever since & am so happy to share a special movement they have this holiday season in which others can Stand Out For Good .

This holiday season, Altar’d State has created their  #ASGiveLove lockets to spread love and good cheer around the world to over 500,000 people. The locket set comes with a heart and a key= the heart gets gifted to someone that needs a little love this season and the key is kept as a reminder to tell how the love was shared. I had the chance of receiving 5 of these lockets, all of which I gave away to friends & family! For a few, I gave them to my sorority sisters, each of who had their own ideas of what giving back meant to them.

I asked a few of my sorority sisters what the term “giving” meant to them, & their answers are below:


“Giving to me isn’t so much about giving someone you care about a material thing, but more of an expression that shows the person you thought about them. You can give someone a physical gift or an emotional gift, but it doesn’t have to be tangible.”


 “Giving to me means being able to put a smile on the faces of people I love the most. It means being thoughtful & taking time out of my day to make others happy.”


“Giving to me means making others happy in return without expecting anything, you give just to see the smile on someone’s face. I love that around Christmas time, everyone is so much more willing to give without recieving. It makes the holdidays that much better because it literally chages the air everywhere!”

To me, giving means just that- to give. I’ve always loved Christmas, not because of recieving gifts, but because of the opportunity to bless others! Giving means to bless someone else in a way that is unique to them. For example, calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while just to see how they’re doing could be a blessing to them & make their day. Or, simply telling someone at a store to have a nice day, when their day was awful & you didn’t even know it! Like my sister Adrianna said, “Giving isn’t about a material thing”, it’s the thought that counts. P.S.- I for sure had to gift a heart to my mama- it’s in the mail (sorry Mom for the spoiler)!

Regardless of what giving back means to you, Christmas is a season of giving. To give doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, sometimes just a simple hug is perfect. These lockets are free with any purchase, so be sure to spread love this holiday season, & think of Altar’d State when you do! P.S- you can check out more of their fab stuff here .

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