10 Gifts for your #MCM

Shopping for your #MCM can be challenging- there’s always so many options and most men don’t do the whole “wish list” thing every year. Below are some great gift ideas-from pocket projectors to instant marinators to even a rap yearbook. Prices below range from $18 to $280, so there’s something everyone’s wallet can buy!

1. Red Wing Boots- $280.00

2. Ted Baker Document Bag- $235.00

3. Instant Marinator- $39.00

4. Nike Internationalist Premiums- $105.00

5. The Rap Yearbook- $18.95

6. The Tie Bar Gift Box Set- $100.00

7. Pocket Projector (Personal fav!)- $149.00

8. Bacon Bowl Maker- $38.00

9. Fitbit- $139.00

10. Yves Saint Laurent ‘L’Homme’ Gift Set- $94.00 (On sale now!)

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