The trend I hope never ends: Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Off-the-Shoulder tops are an old trend, but i’m still not over yet! Typically I’m not a trend follower, but I’m currently obsessed with anything OTS, from dresses to shirts and anything in between. This one I’m a fan of for many reasons- as if the price wasn’t enough- it bright colors and minimal floral detail just added to the love. Like I’m totes a fan of this top and you’ll never guess where it’s from!

That’s right ya’ll- it’f from Old Navy! I have honestly not stopped at this store in years and just happened to stop in before my trip a few weeks ago. I actually found a few things and they were all great deals too. I was pleasantly surprised and told myself that I would stop by more frequently. Not sure if this will actually happen- ┬ábut hey, we will see! Back to my OTS obsession, I love this trend for many reasons. Not only does this type of neckline look great on many body types, but it also is perfect for many occasions. From lunch with the gals to even date night- these types of tops are the perfect way to dress up a pair of your favorite denim! Linking some more of my fave below (most under $50!) because like i said, the obsession is real! #Yourewelcome

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