The weekends have become my favorite time to cozy up under a warm blanket with a coffee mug (or wine glass) in hand and a great book. Needless to say, I know there are some other fellow homebody diva’s out there! Shopping for someone who loves being at home is so fun and easy…you can pick out anything from home decor to bath and beauty products. Check out below for some great homebody gifts..most under $50. Happy shopping!


1. Kimono Robe- $68.00

2. ‘Holiday’ Reed Diffuser- $42.00

3. Threshold Brown Fur Throw- $34.99

4. The Satorialist- $30.00

5. Stemless Wine Glasses- $36.00

6. Volcano Candle (Literally best candle ever!)- $28.00

7. Initial Pillows- $36.00

8. Lush Bath Bombs Gift Set- $29.95

9. Crackled Metallic Suede Lodge Moccasins- $55.00

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Shopping for your #MCM can be challenging- there’s always so many options and most men don’t do the whole “wish list” thing every year. Below are some great gift ideas-from pocket projectors to instant marinators to even a rap yearbook. Prices below range from $18 to $280, so there’s something everyone’s wallet can buy!

1. Red Wing Boots- $280.00

2. Ted Baker Document Bag- $235.00

3. Instant Marinator- $39.00

4. Nike Internationalist Premiums- $105.00

5. The Rap Yearbook- $18.95

6. The Tie Bar Gift Box Set- $100.00

7. Pocket Projector (Personal fav!)- $149.00

8. Bacon Bowl Maker- $38.00

9. Fitbit- $139.00

10. Yves Saint Laurent ‘L’Homme’ Gift Set- $94.00 (On sale now!)

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Happy Wednesday! This week’s Wardrobe Wednesday comes from Hebrews 12:7-

“Ensure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children. For what children are not disciplined by their father?”

Growing up, I hated being told I did something wrong or disciplined in any shape or form & I’m sure I’m not the only one who heard the words “one day you will understand”. As I got older, something clicked in my head and I realized that being disciplined is for my good and for the good of my future. I’ve learned to look at everything in my life in this way. Most of the time when we don’t get what we want or are going through a rough time, we might feel as though we are being “disciplined” by God. Not getting that promotion we wanted, or even having a close friend tell us that we did something wrong can hurt our feelings and make us feel bad. These “hard” times are there to teach us a lesson and make us better people.

This week, I challenge you to write down something that you see as a hardship on the top of a piece of paper. Now, below it, write down all the positives that have, or can happen, as a result of your problem. The positives written on the bottom of the paper are the lessons learned that only could’ve happened if you went through that rough patch written on the top of your paper! Keep this paper somewhere visible all week as a reminder of your great future ahead & remember to always look towards the future and never in the past!

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Christmas is quickly approaching & hopefully you only have a few gifts left to buy. Let’s say you’ve already gotten all of your families gifts,  but forgot to get a few close girlfriends theirs! Shopping for besties can be both easy and’s like shopping for yourself  but buying something to give away instead. I’ve combined a list of  perfect gifts for  girlfriends…all below $75. Most of these steals are something anyone can use and can be a great add-on to a gift previously purchased. Happy shopping!

1. Stay Fancy Wine Glass- $14.00

2. Kendra Scott Cuff Bracelet- $70.00

3. Vegan Leather Tote- $59.00

4. NAKED Smoky Palette- $54.00

5. Cozy Blanket Scarf- $68.00

6. Wire Controlled Selfie Stick- $14.00

7. Kate Spade Pendent Locket Necklace- $68.00

8. The Juice Solution- $22.00

9. Humans of New York Stories (FAV!)- $29.99

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With winter being here, I have definitely been living in fur vests all week long! Fur can be worn in all colors and are now becoming popular in longer lengths.  I’ve gathered a few of my favorite fur vests online right now..mostly faux of course!  Look below for all the details & have a fab Friday!


  1. Zara Tan Faux Fur Waistcoat (SUCH A STEAL!). Details here:

2. Leith Faux Fur Vest. Details Here:



  1. Topshop Fur Vest by Unreal Fur. Details here:


2 Vince Camuto Drawstring Vest. Details here:


1. Love Token  Ombre Rabbit Fur Vest. Details


2. Linda Richards Rabbit & Raccoon Fur Vest. Details here:

Until next time!