Weekly Inspiration- Going through the routine of being a “Good Christian”

This week’s weekly inspiration is a little later than usual because honestly, I’ve had a hectic week. Although most of my posts are planned weeks in advance, these are normally written the week of- as I like to ensure they are as organic as possible. Due to being so busy this week, I didn’t have time to finalize, edit, proof & post as I normally do. For the first time (I think ever)- I was okay with this. I was okay with being a little out of my normal routine. This fact alone reminded me of one thing:

It’s so easy to go through the motions of being a Good Christian.

It’s easy to set your alarm every Sunday morning for church, to take notes, to tithe as usual. It’s easy to post a scripture here and there throughout the week. It’s not super hard to tell someone that “everything will be okay..it’s in God’s ¬†hands” if you’re not in the same situation & it’s easy for some to quote their favorite bible verse. What isn’t easy, however, is ensuring you are staying in relationship with God on a daily basis.

Some weeks it’s hard to imagine having enough time to open your bible, or even peep at those Sunday notes you took. A lot of time, people (myself included), are so busy doing all the motions of being a good christian (treating others well, etc.) that we forget one important thing being a Christian requires- a relationship with God! Not just a once-a-week-Sunday type of thing, a daily thing- like a relationship with your bestie.

This week, my challenge for you is to take some extra time to spend doing those small things you might sometimes forget. Pick up your bible for an extra 30 minutes or so, or maybe even start a prayer journal that you jot down some things throughout the week in. Whatever you do, do it remembering that routine it not always good. Sometimes, routine can be a hindrance.

Until Next Time! (P.S.- Deets on this outfit can be found here.)



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