Sportswear the right way



A trend in fashion in which leading designers create items that are seen as both sporty & fashion forward.

Sportswear is such a trend right now! Anywhere you shop, whether online, in a mall, etc.- you can be sure to find athleisure items front & center. Although you will NEVER catch me rocking a pair of Jordans on my off days, or walking around in a tracksuit, you will catch me incorporating some fab sporty items into my wardrobe this summer. I love being comfy- nothing beats combining trendy with¬†¬†clothing. I’ve combined below some of the rules I’ve used when wearing this trend below. Also, head over to my insta to shop some of my favorite athleisure looks here!

Rule # 1: Keep it simple

I use this rule every day when getting dressed- keep it simple! Wearing a new trend doesn’t mean you have to wear it head to toe- choose pieces that work for you & are an example of your own personality & style. Don’t wear a trend simply because it is a “trend”- take it & make it you own.

Rule #2: Buy smart pieces

Trends come & go, and the last thing you want is to be stuck with a closet full of items that are no longer “trendy”. When following trends, always try to buy pieces that are timeless and can be worn again and again. For example, if you want to try out the athleisure trend in a simple way, buy a new pair of sneakers & mix them in with some other pieces in your closet. don’t go buy a full new Nike wardrobe & then feel forced to wear it.


Rule #3: Don’t be scared

Trying new trends can be intimidating- not everything looks good on everyone & trying something completely new can be a bit weird to some. Never be scared to try new trends or to wear fashion forward items! As long as you are comfortable in your own skin, that’s all that matters. Clothes are meant as a means to express your personality..not to be like everyone else!



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