The trend that’s still trending- Athleisure!

Many think that wearing sports wear is only for the gym, & I for one completely disagree. Athleisure is still a thing & I am so happy it is. I can say that it’s always a goal of mine to be comfy and I am so thankful that this trend makes it so easy to do so in style! I love being fashionable while wearing leggings..what else could a girl want?!  I have some stores that are my fav to buy athleusire wear, with Gap being one of them. One thing I really love about this brand is that the clothing are still versatile enough that they don’t always look super “sporty”, and can be worn with other things such as denim. Totes a win win to me!

Another thing I love about this trend that it is the perfect way to look still very well put together without too much effort! For example, if you have to run quickly to the store & don’t want to look frumpy in sweats, throw on some fun leggings with an over-sized sweatshirt & you have just turned your comfy look into style! Another way to brace athleisure”ness” (this is for sure not a word, haha!), is to incorporate athleisure like sportswear pieces into your every day style! For example, I have a velvet bomber that I love and wear on a regular basis! Although I am not super sporty, this piece allows me to add some extra sport flair to my closet. What’s your fav thing about the athleisure trend?

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