The Bible verse every woman should know: Part 1

“She is clothed in strength and dignity & she laughs without fear of the future.”

– Proverbs 31:25

 This bible  verse is memorized by many & recited by most. One of the most known verses throughout young women today, Proverbs 31:25 is all over pinterest as well as other social media platforms..but how many have actually studied   the words? MY favorite verse of all time  (….I mean’s tattooed on my wrist), this verse has probably the best message any woman today needs to fully understand and carry with them daily. Since its my favorite and so important to me.. I will be breaking this post down into two parts. Part one is all about numbers. Numbers have meaning, especially in biblical terms. The numbers 3,1,2, & 5 align perfectly as you will soon see below:

The number three, in biblical terms,  signifies completeness. This can be shown in the popular saying ” A cord of three is not easily broken.”   & the fact that Jesus was in the grave for three days & nights.
One is the only number divided by itself, coinciding with completeness. It’s always said that “you are your worse enemy,”..due to the fact that we, women especially, are quick to stand in our own way, not believing in ourselves & vice versa.
Two has, and will always ,stand for division. There is always two components in life: Good & Evil, Heaven & Hell, Men & Women.
Lastly, five stands for grace. Multiplied by itself (5X5) ultimately means ‘grace upon grace’. The number 5 is popular in  many cultures, such as Chinese culture for example (Lucky #5). You can read all about the word Grace on a previous post I wrote last week titled  Why The Name?.
So together with these meanings, we have: COMPLETE, DIVIDED GRACE.

Simply said: all you will ever need to be complete is God alone, because God’s Grace is divided among all of us. Be bold, be beautiful, be you. Part 2 coming soon.