The Joy of Giving with Altar’d State

The older I’ve gotten..the more I’ve learned to love Christmas. When I was younger..Christmas was honestly all about getting good presents. I used to get in trouble by my mom for “searching” around the house for them..always figuring out where they were hidden before she had a chance to wrap them. It was sooo fun to me finding all of the things I had begged my mom the whole entire year for..only to be just as happy to get it Christmas morning, even if I knew what it was already. Now that I am older, nothing more puts a smile on my face then watching someone’s face light up because they received a gift that they love. The joy of giving is what truly makes me happy. Christmas to me means so much more now that I truly understand the gift of giving to others. I was asked by Ignite Media to participate in the #ASGiveWarmth Campaign, sponsored by Altar’d State. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

Altar’d State’s mission is simple: serving as an inspiration, empowering others by giving more than they receive & standing out for good to glorify God (yasss!). Helping others has always been really important to me. For example, earlier this year the city that I love and have learned to call home, Houston, experienced a natural disaster. A flood ruined many peoples homes, all of their belongings and in lack of better terms, their lives as well. I spent days trying to figure out a way that Styl’d Grace could contribute. I decided to partner with my local Altar’d State store and host a shopping event where proceeds would go to Children who needed school supplies for the upcoming school year. Through my local Altar’d State partnership, I was able to donate to children in need and help them prepare for school this year, giving them a little bit of hope in an unfortunate circumstance.

Doing good has & always will feel good. My event was small compared to what Altar’d State does to give on a regular basis! Every Monday, proceeds of sales from every store go to a different charity. As if shopping for a cause could get any easier, all you have to do is buy something on a Monday from the store. I love that about this brand, as if the clothes aren’t enough to shop at the store anyways- you now have another reason! There’s so much cute stuff this gift giving season to pick from too- I was able to get some goodies for my mom, my dog, and my best gals all in one trip!

Giving is always worth it, knowing that you are going to put a smile on someone elses face. Altar’d State continues to give on a regular basis, and this Christmas is no different. Join me in giving this year and always remember to Stand out for Good.

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