Weekly Inspiration- Perspective

Happy Wednesday! This weeks wardrobe Wednesday is a little different. I didn’t choose a bible verse like I normally do, but simply thought about a word:


By definition, perspective means “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.” Today, I finally enjoyed a day off. I went to visit my hairstylist & had some therapy with my therapist (my therapy comes in storefront form and is called Target), and grabbed some Starbucks on the way out the door. I wanted to take a cute pic, so  I looked down and took a picture of my cup. From the picture of my Starbucks cup, it looked empty. But when you looked at it from the side, you could see that not only was my Starbucks cup far from empty, it was actually pretty full. In the target parking lot today, God told me some good stuff.


The way we look at things is all about perspective. We can be going through some rough patches or hard times, and are only looking it from a negative point of view. You could of lost a job, and are sitting around the house moping  about all the bills we’re going to have in the future, when in reality that job wasn’t for you in the first place & you had to lose that job you secretly hated anyways because the job God really meant for you to have is right around the corner. You could’ve lost a friend or ended a relationship & have no clue how you’re going to ever get over the feeling of being sad, when really that person was only there to teach you a lesson & then keep it moving.


Life is all about perspectives. And as my last week of being 24 is coming to an end, the way I look at things has completely changed over the last 12 months. Having the right perspective can change the way we view our problems, as well as how we can find solutions. Perspective is one of the keys to happiness.

Have a fab rest of the week!





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