Weekly Inspiration- Proverbs 15:1

Happy Wednesday to all! I am still so excited about this new weekly post and happy to share this weeks Wardrobe Wednesday. This week’s verse comes again from Proverbs:

Has anyone ever done or said something that made you madder than you should’ve gotten? Or what about that one person at work that always gets right under you skin & upsets you so easily? Or what about when someone cuts you off on the highway…I know this happens to us all! We all have moments like these every single week &  it’s times like this that it’s so easy to reply back to someone that has upset you & say something hurtful back-to get right back of them of course! This week..I challenge you to instead of getting mad right back at people- say or do something nice. Compliment that person at work that always makes you mad, or let someone over on the highway that tries to cut you off. An act of kindness goes a lot further than anger and you never know how much your kind words could change someones day! Have a fab week!

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