Weekly Inspiration- Psalm 62:5

Happy Wednesday! This weeks weekly inspiration comes from Psalm 62:5-

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.”

Ya’ll.. I don’t know why, but it seems like every year around Christmas time I go into two moods- either really sad because I miss my family, or so busy that I don’t knot the day, or the time, or honestly the week. This year, I am for sure in the later. I feel like my days are getting shorter and shorter while my “to-do” list is getting longer and longer. Honestly, I feel like my agenda is not even an agenda anymore but more a list of things that I’m just praying to get done before the end of the year (LOL). All jokes aside, the end of the year is a busy time for anyone & also a good time to remember that we all need rest sometimes!

Psalm 62:5 is a simple reminder of this, telling us that our soul finds rest in Him, as well as hope. For me, I’m resting and hoping that the last few weeks of the year are productive for me (haha!). Even though I know that they will be in the end, it’s easy to get round up in the hectic-ness of the holidays & become a bit overwhelmed. This holiday season, no matter how stressed you are over all that you still need to do, remember to rest. Always know that our hope comes from him , as well as our strength, and we don’t need to always rely on ourselves. Actually, we can’t always rely on our own strength- it’s just simply not possible. Remember that worry, anxiousness, and stress are just down payments on things that might never happen. Hope is a down payment on the promise of things ahead.


P.S.- Deets on the outfit above can be found here !

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