Hey y’all, welcome back to Finance Friday (Stacy here!)! I’m so excited to be sharing tips on how to get the best deals while shopping. With summer officially weeks away, it’s easy to find the need to pick up new clothes for the season or update home electronics for get-togethers with friends.  With that in mind, here’s my take on how to get the best bargain without breaking the bank!

Shop on Sale

Shopping on sale really does save a ton of money. The reduction from the original price to sale can be dramatic with cash to spare. Growing up, we never purchased full price pieces and always hit the sale rack. In addition to scooping up items on sale, we’d use coupons to save even more. (Be sure to read the fine print of all coupons. Exclusions may apply).
Keep track of sales by subscribing to your favorite stores or following on social media. With time, you’ll learn the sales cycles and know when to shop. For example, my favorite grocery store, Sprouts has the best sales on Wednesday’s. They feature double ads on Hump Day and this allows shoppers to save the most in the middle of the week. You can also maximize savings by using mobile coupons.

Ask for a Discount/Price Match

Shopping in store versus online does have a few advantages. Although online shopping is way more convenient it doesn’t allow you the chance to ask for a discount. If an item is damaged or has a little wear and tear this might be additional savings. I recently went shopping and found a super cute maxi romper on sale at Agaci but it was missing a button, bummer! Luckily, an extra button was attached making it a quick fix. When I got to the checkout I asked the sales associate if she could take anything off for the missing button and she half off the lowest ticket price. I snagged an originally priced $50 piece for $4.32 with tax, winning!
Price matching is another way to catch deals. I recommend calling your preferred store ahead of time and ask how their price matching policy works. Who knows it might possibly lead to major savings. It seems as if it’s archaic but the ability to have a face-to-face exchange with a sales associate gives an opportunity to negotiate and ultimately save money.

Shop Off-Season

One of my favorite hobbies is shopping offseason. I absolutely love picking up last year’s fall/winter pieces in the middle of summer. It’s the only way I buy $200 boots for under 50 bucks. Shopping offseason helps you transition seamlessly into cold or warm weather. Also, it allows you to keep up with trends without breaking the bank.
With these tips, you’re sure to get the best bargain with each new purchase. Feel free to leave your shopping tips below. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and happy shopping.
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#BossBabes is back and I couldn’t be more excited! As most, if not all, of ya’ll know- I took about a month long break from the blog. I needed time to regroup, refocus and re-energize! I truly believe that you only produce your best work when you are fully focus- so needless to say my little “Blog Vacay” was much needed!  With that being said, I am so so excited to bring #BossBabes back with a whole bunch of fab divas! This week’s #BossBabe is Shannon Barber, who recently passed her bar exam and has plans to become a prosecutor! She shares with us the path to her dreams and all that she aspires to accomplish in the future.

Tell me a little about yourself. Where did you grown up, get your degree in etc? What is your current job?

I am the youngest of three children and I grew up in Allen, Texas. I enjoy singing, live music, traveling, and finding new restaurants! I got my bachelors degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, La. I then attended Texas A&M University School of Law in Fort Worth, Texas and I recently passed the bar exam & have plans on becoming a prosecutor.

What made you decide to go to law school?

I have always had an interest in the criminal realm. In high school, I was interested in shows like Cold Case and Criminal Minds. I thought that I wanted to do forensics, but quickly realized I didn’t like science enough to do so.  This then sparked my interest in being involved in the FBI, which led me to my Bachelors degree. After researching how to began a criminal investigator career with the FBI, I learned it happened two ways: law enforcement experience or law school. I chose the latter. Once I started law school, I lost my desire to join the FBI, and decided that I wanted to practice criminal law.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

I constantly remind myself that I am only 27. I have so much more time to be great, and I have done so much in the 10 years post high school graduation. Everyday I wake up, and tell myself there is so much more to do.

What is your favorite bible verse & why?

Romans 8:28 –  And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for the.

What’s something you would tell your 20-year-old self?

Stress less & realize that you cannot control everything. What God has for you, is for you; he will complete what he has started in you. Enjoy the journey, and keep moving with all the positivity you can find in the situation.

What is your end goal with your business, what do you want to accomplish?

My end goal would be to become a federal prosecutor. I want to bring a direct impact to the community that I serve, and maintain integrity in the government system.

What are the 3 most important things you would tell someone starting off in their career?

  1. It is a marathon, not a race. I was told this the first day of law school, and it is still relevant. Stay focused & realize that you will achieve your goals, in due time.
  2. Take risks and challenge yourself. You cannot be comfortable and grow at the same time.
  3. Find a mentor. There is always someone who has done what you desire to do; utilize their knowledge and experience.

What is your favorite thing to do regarding your field?

Networking. I truly enjoy being around legal minds and having open discussions. Law is such a broad profession, and to learn of different attorneys experiences in various areas of law is inspiring.

What is your least favorite?

Brief writing. I enjoy oral argument, but I do not enjoy writing motions and briefs that involve extensive research. Fortunately, in criminal law this is not done as often as in civil litigation and transactional law.

What has been the most surprising challenge within your business?

I am just entering the profession, so this question is challenging. However, so far the most surprising is how close knit the legal profession is. Although there are thousands of attorneys in Texas, it seems like you see the same 10 attorneys everywhere. Everyone seems to know each other, the legal world is small though large at the same time.

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Happy Wednesday! This weeks weekly inspiration comes from Psalm 34:19-

“The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all;”

Life can seem so hectic sometimes! Some weeks- I barely know how I  have time to sleep, let alone cook full meals everyday. I’ve been convinced more than once in my lifetime that 24 hours in a day sometimes isn’t enough..and I’ve come to accept that too (LOL!). 24 hours especially can seem like not enough time when things aren’t going your way. During bad days- the hours seem worse and it feels like time is not in your favor. It’s during these times that we have to remember that God always turns everything to good!

During bad (or less happy) times, it’s always important to remind ourselves that difficult circumstances are meant to make us stronger! There’s always a lesson in the midst of a problem and always a learning opportunity. This week, my challenge for you is to try to look a tough situation in a different way! Try to find the good in the bad, remembering that it’s always  in there (sometimes deep, ha!) somewhere.

P.S- Deets on this outfit can be found here!

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When I came across this jumpsuit at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago, I had to have it! As if neutral prints don’t scream my name loud enough, the fact that this was a jumpsuit too sure got me! I can say I have worn this outfit about twice now-and love it. It’s super cute and perfect for date night, but add some flats and a denim jacket and this one piece would be perfect for the beach too.

And can we talk about these shoes? I picked these up at Nordstroms during my birthday week as a present to myself. I have been looking for the perfect pair of brown heels for quite some time now..and these for sure stole the show. Surprisingly enough, they’re actually really comfy! Although I wasn’t able to find the exact pair online, I linked some similars below!

Summer is already in full swing here in Texas (totally wish I was joking), like it’s been so hot ya’ll! This jumpsuit won’t be worn for long. Regardless, it’s a must have and for sure something to check out while you can! Did I mention its’s under $80 too?! #Yourewelcome

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I, for one, am all about balance! Hence, why I love nothing more than wearing shorts and long sleeves. There’s something about a comfy top & short shorts that’s just so cozy! With it clearly heating up in Houston (it’s already really hot ya’ll), this outfit clearly won’t work for me anymore. Besides that, I will still be wearing these shorts all summer long as they’re one of my favorite pair.

Camo is a “neutral” in my head- as you can add color for a statement or pair it with another neutral color for a more laid back look. I kept my look neutral (as usual) and made it even more laid back with my converse! This outfit is great for running errands without looking like you rolled out of bed. I linked some more camo options below..because #whynot.

Oh..& about my “goal” of not being as neutral this year and adding more color to my wardrobe= totally not working. Most days I am a grey/beige wearing type of gal & I’m totally okay with that! I love my neutrals and will always be a fan..just for an update (HA!).

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