5 things to do when you have writers block

So for the past few weeks (in addition to being beyond busy), I’ve totes have had a case of writers block!  I would open my computer, stare at a blank page for a while, and eventually close it shut. I haven’t felt like writing (journaling or anything), let alone blogging! Writing has always been such a passion of mine- so the fact that it felt like a job rather than a passion was a problem for me- so I fixed it! I figured out what was wrong and fixed the problem. Below I’ve written the top 5 things that have gotten me out of many writers blocks, and have never seemed to fail.

1. Go back to your old notes

If you’re anything like me- your mind is constantly going 24/7. Because of this- I literally am always jotting down random thoughts throughout the day. Due to this- I’ve learned to carry a small notebook around with me to do so. When I don’t have my notebook, I am sure to write my random ideas down in the notes section in my phone. By doing this- I have created a very organic archive of ideas that I have thought of myself. Non of them are scripted- none are from anyone else- they are all things that I have thought of at some point. Whenever I am in a writing block, I always go back to my notes. My notes are my “little secret” when I literally have nothing to write about & I am so thankful for that!

2. Take a little break & come back to the drawing board

Many a times when I can’t think of anything to write about, or just don’t feel like writing- I simply don’t. Not for long- but I do something that I love then come back to the drawing board. I most times take a step back and go read for a bit a book I’m reading with a cup of my favorite tea in hand! After I’m done reading- most times I feel inspired and go back and write something that is more authentic than forced. You can always (always) tell when something that was written is authentic or not- a writers true voice will always come through.

3. ..but not too long!

The last part of the last point is so, so important- come back! Make sure to not take a break for too long losing sight of your goals. Writing is a form of expression, so always be sure to express yourself in a timely manner. If you are feeling some way about something- write about it! If there’s some new trend that you hate (or love), let your followers know! People follow/read your blog for a reason- never lose sight of that and stay true to yourself!

P.S.- I actually took a “blogging break” once, & it was great!

4. Have guest bloggers

Sometimes when I need to give myself  a break, I have a guest blogger write an article! I have done this through my series “Finance Friday’s with Stacy“. It’s so great to have a friend that loves writing just like you & can add a different voice to your platform! Doing so not only gives you a break for a post or two, but also can maybe give your readers insight on something you might not being as knowledgeable in! For example, I knew that I wanted to give my readers a little bit of financial wisdom, as that is something that I am interested in. I knew that I had friends who knew way more about this than me- so I asked them to write about it (all while giving credit, of course) rather than myself! Adding another voice to your platform is so rewarding and also something your readers might really look forward to!

5. Remember why you started

Whenever I am having writers block- I always remind myself why I started my blog. I remind myself that Styl’d Grace was started not only for fashion, but always for so much more! I love that I have created a platform where I have the ability to talk about all of my favorite things am so blessed to so! Remind yourself this- and writing will be so much easier!

These are just a few things that have helped me when I don’t feel like writing, and I hope that they help you as well! What are some things that you do when you don’t feel like writing?

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