Brands to Love: Women of Hope from Guatemala

Someone wasn’t as excited to take this photo as I was, but I just couldn’t hold my excitement to finally announce that the first brand I will be featuring this year on the blogĀ  will be the Women of Hope Ministry all the way from Guatemala! I am so excited to share all the amazing information I have learned over the last few months collaborating with this amazing group of women and featuring some of their product. Pictured below are a pair of their earrings.. all hand beaded!


Throughout the course of the next few weeks, I will be going into great detail about the Women of Hope Ministry, as well as their cause. I will be detailing all the amazing aspects of this brand and how it positively impact womens lives on a daily basis. Be sure to check back later this week for more, or subscribe from my home page (here) to have all posts sent straight to your email!








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