Palm Trees & Adulting

Heading off to Florida for work later this week so it’s only fitting that my outfit of that day has palm trees on them! Palm trees are uhm “trending” to say the least. They’ve been showing up everywhere- from bathing suits to handbags and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I obviously will NOT be switching my pillows out to incorporate the trend into my home decor (as some have), but I will rock these shorts the little bit of summer that we have left. I found these shorts over at Grace Anna’s recently, and was so happy that I found some that were a bit muted. Being that palm trees are obviously green- so have been all the palm tree shorts I’ve seen recently which I for sure was not about to wear. I found these ones and loved how they were more neutral, so of course I had to have! I paired them with this nude top which I also love- the best part is that it comes in a ton of colors too!



Palm trees are such an amazing thing to be. Being that I live in Texas- I always love seeing them when I am traveling! They grow so sporadically and are so “cute” if you could & totally remind me to live more freely sometimes. These last few weeks have been soooo busy (hence the lack of posts) and have slowly but surely been telling myself to “chill if you must.” Life is so busy ya’ll- between work (AKA literally best job, biggest blessing I could ask for), and lie- ya girl is tired! So tired that I haven’t even cared about shopping the Nordstrom sale! I’v realized that my closet is currently filled enough- I could care less about what loafers I could get 50% off this week and am more concerned about when I can fit in an extra nap. Seriously- #Adulting this week has been real. I did, however, manage to rack up some of my most recent fav palm tree finds- all are below, just for you!

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